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Now brought to you in glorious Technicolor and updated for the first time in 59 weeks at the behest of Alison Parker (AKA: The Mongoose.)

Okay, where to begin? Let's subcatagorize, shall we?


My new favorite author is G. K. Chesterton, virtually unknown for reasons inexplicable. Check out the Man Who Was Thursday. Fantastic.
Also reading lots of detective fiction, which is very enjoyable, but also paranoia inducing. The Big Sleep and Our Man in Havana are highlights. I almost got arrested for trying to hide a key to my apartment under a bridge. The cops came out of nowhere, man! Now I am convinced that they are watching my every move. If you want to hear more on that story click here.

Also, Nikola Tesla's biography is interesting. He was practically erased from the history books by his rivals, so don't believe what they teach you in history class, kids.


The art of cinema is dead. The only good movie that came out in '08 was the Dark Knight. However, I got a pack of 100 copyright-expired mystery movies circa 1930-1950 so those are great.


I'm taking abusive advantage of my 35% discount at Virgin Megastore, so have been listening to lots of new stuff. I think jazz is finally starting to click, but just barely. Alison will be glad to know that I am getting as many Bowie albums as I can.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum have returned after a year of silence and are playing a show in New York on April 19th. You are all coming with me, so save the date!


I just concluded a four month internship at a post production house and am now looking for more work. I have a good shot at getting to assist a composer on a new ABC series, so fingers crossed there.


I am  teaching myself Farsi so I can fight the terrorists (hear that, terrorists? I'm coming for you.) Someone has to step up to the plate now that Mr. Talky O'Talktoterrorists is in office. They write from right to left to try to confuse us, but I am too smart for them. If anyone from the CIA, FBI or NSA is reading this, please give me a job. I know some Russian too, so Commies and Terrorists had both better look out.

A plane landed in the Hudson river, but I wasn't on it.

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You know what the world needs more of these days? Mimes.
And I'm not talking about those stupid art school mimes who try to make political or artistic points, I'm talking about straight up, old skool, physical comedy mimes. They are talented, funny and underrated.
Watch some old silent film comedies if you don't believe me.
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1- Rank and Kill count?
37 727 631 r21

2- User ID?

3- Honestly , how many screen names do you have?

4- How did you end up on TKEP?linked from www.b3ta.com

5- Ever been n00bed? Why?
Only in n00b fests.

6- EDPL, worst admin ever?

7- How many tkep peen's have you seen? ( you know you've been flashed!)

8- How much have you shown off? ( I know we got cam whore's here >.> )
Only my face, and that rarely.

9- Ever kissed any TKEP'rs?

10- Wrath of Eve?
Eve is aa pretty cool admin, all things considered.

11- WHAT is a Shannnn?
She is, in fact, a polar bear.

12- Any orgies?

13- Who's the biggest cheater?
As far as I know, no one who still comes around cheats.

Word Association

14- Tyr= Kiwi

15- MOO= lehmä

16- D. ( not a word but go with it.)= lightful!

17- juusto= oh gee whiz, I have 500 000 kills!

18- Dark Chocolate = Confetti

19- Carrot = Wabbit Season

20- Tallamud = Not long enough

End word association

21- Favorite TKEP'r = I am smart enough not to name names in a public forum like this.

22- Ever dated any of them? = No.

23- WANT to date any of them?
Eh, not really.

24- Come on, who?
I'm not making any decisions until I meet people in person.

25- Does size matter?
Bigger is always better in America!

26- How many admin's can you name?

27- Name two dishes from the TCafe
RuFondue and Ductappioca pudding

28- Have you read the FAQ?
At least twice.

29- Quote it.

30- When did the world end?
depends on whether you count bonus country.

31- What do you call the Bonus Country people?
Bonus Countryfolk

32- Most hated TKEP'r?

33- How many TKEP couples can you name? ( past or present)
I prefer not to. TKEP couples are REALLY annoying.

34- Ever cheated? Be honest.

35- Mouse keys or Single clicker?
Mousekeys until my PC died. Very little clicking since then.

36- Who do you miss that doesn't come around anymore?

37- Finn's, Americans or OTHER?

38- What does Homokaasu mean?
It's open to interpretation

39- Should TKEP just die allready since the world is over?
well SOMETHING should happen, but the chat should definitely stay.

40- How many TKEP'rs have you met in person?
5 I think.

41- Does it rock your soxs or rawr your drawrs?
Rocks my Socks

42- Your mom?
No, your mom.

43- Why did COMEA stop talking to us?
Because he's a crybaby.

44- Make up a few awards and nominate a few people for them.
Katz gets the best Mexican award, DTG gets the "should be an admin but isn't" award. AG gets the award fo most likely to join the UN.

45- Cowboy the fuck up?

46- What is llama's arch enemy?

47- And since we are on that, Llama, Llama________?
No comment.

48- Whys the rum gone?
Well I didn't drink it, I prefer gin.

49- GM or CM?
Neither. GM doesn't like me and CM likes me even less.

50- So how many cxm are you excited right now?
I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

51- PENS!

52- Now add a question or two for the next person that copy pastes this, lets make the survey a group effort ( plus Im sure you guys have cooler questions than me) I'll do my best to respond the new q's in your lj's ^_^.

Maybe later.
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One for the fallas in the audience! Whom would you rather date?

Madame Curie, who discovered radioactivity
Madame Curie


Betsy Ross, who designed the American Flag
Betsy Ross

The ladies can respond to this by saying who would make the better roommate.

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Sorry for the delay between installments, folks. I lost my list of names I wanted to use. But now I've found it, so on with the show!

Who is the better Bird Man?

Pioneering Ethologist, Konrad Lorenz
Konrad Lorenz


Master of the Psychological Thriller, Alfred Hitchcock


(p.s. the Rush concert rocked)

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Time now for another installment of Ridiculous Comparisons! Today's question: Who is more handsome?

Monarch and Frequent groom King Henry VIII


Composer of American Marching Band music John Philip Sousa

Please post your votes and reasons below.

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I am pleased to announce the first in my new series of ridiculous comparison polls. Today's poll question is as follows:

Whom do you prefer:
 Martin Luther                MLK JR
Martin Luther   or   Martin Luther King Jr.

Please post your vote and reasons.

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Finally a politician who belileves in America, the Constitution, and Freedom. A man of principle, smart as a whip and a Texan to boot. Vote for Ron Paul.


* * *
I've just read a very disturbing article about recent laws that have been passed in a number of cities prohibiting giving food to homeless people. Now, I'm no fan of homeless people, but these laws clearly trample on our civil rights. Not only that, but I believe there is something more sinister at work here as well. It is clear to me that the givernment wants a monopoly on charity, and that's something that absolutely cannot be allowed to happen.
Think about it. If private charities are outlawed, the only way for some people to get help will be from the government, to be paid for with money stolen from the American People (that means you). Theft disguised by that handy euphemism, taxes. This of course creates dependence, which the government likes because it helps support the widely believed, but wholly false notion that we need it to run our lives for us.
The more favors we accept from someone, the more we become that persons's slave, which is why we should never let government do for us what we can do for ourselves. That is the only way in which freedom is preserved.
Thank you, that is all.
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Well folks, it's over, but what a weekend it was. I was expecting today's performances to be a bit of a letdown after the powerhouse session last night, but boy was I wrong! Here's a quick recap of the artists.
Charles Atlas opened and they were amazing. Very beautiful, dream like instrumental stuff. I wanted one of their albums, but they weren't selling anything. I'll have to put it on my wish list. Next was some girl with some rather boring neo-folk. One of the few acts of the weekend that I could have done without. There were two more drony style bands. Quite good, but really more of the same. Then there was this unbelievable guitarist, who did things I didn't even think were possible. He made a single accoustic guitar sound like a four piece rock band. His name was Andreas Martin and he was the only one to get a standing ovation all weekend.
Then there was a set by the Caretaker of Shining-esque haunted ballroom songs, which was fun, and a video performance of the brand new project The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, a project of Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, the remaining half of Coil. It was great. I hope he starts releasing CDs under that name soon. Finally, another ex-Coil member, Thighpaulsandra was up. Now, if an evil race of alien invaders conquered Earth, enslaved humanity and then decided to put on a rock show for us, it would probably look and sound a lot like Thighpaulsandra. A wonderful end to the whole affair.
All in all, I spend way to much money on records, but I got Steve Stapleton to autograph a Nurse With Wound album, so that was great. I hope this sort of event happens again some day. It sure was a ball.
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